Nicosia . 2017

New Cyprus Museum

Culture and education

New construction
Aarchaeological museum Nicosia

New construction
Aarchaeological museum Nicosia

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The purpose of the new museum is to make Cyprus's rich cultural heritage more accessible to members of the general public and to create the opportunity to present the results of ongoing research on existing and new excavation material. The immediate vicinity of the area designated for construction, which is within walking distance of the historical inner city, is bounded by the botanical garden and the parliament building to the north, the archaeological museum to the northeast and a small river to the west, which is lined by eucalyptus trees. The design is based on the premise of organizing about one-third of the project volume above ground in pavilions and the remaining two-thirds underground to give visitors to the museum additional outdoor and parking space. Each of the seven pavilions points in the compass direction of a national or international museum that houses Cypriot art. The functions on the Archive Level (-8.50m) have been organized into a system of several parallel rows. The exhibition and storage areas are found in the broad rows, and the laboratories, conservation rooms and atria to illuminate the laboratory workplaces and adjacent exhibition areas are found in the narrow rows. The underground part of the building is accessible by way of a ramp that branches at the -3.50m level. One branch leads down to the archive level and the other allows the visitor to reach the exhibition level in the pavilions via a circular tour. The orthogonal arrangement of the subterranean part of the building acts as a reference for the design of the open space. The tension between the two different systems ("upper and lower world", linear / radial) is already visible in the museum’s circulation. Once again, this archaeological theme is encountered while walking through the Archive Level, in which part of the pavilion volume is visible in the ceilings of the underground rooms below.

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Project Location

Nicosia, Cyprus


Competition _ 2016 - 2017

Data on construction

Planning area _ 20.000 m²


Department of Public Works of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works

In collaboration with

AA&U for Architecture, Art & Urbanism, Nicosia, Cyprus


pixLab, Graz, Austria