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New construction
Heinrich-Schliemann-Gymnasium in Fürth

New construction
Heinrich-Schliemann-Gymnasium in Fürth

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"The city of Fürth intends to construct a new building for the Heinrich-Schliemann-Gymnasium with approx. 10,500 m2 usable floor space. For this purpose, the City of Fürth will provide a plot of land in the vicinity of the current location between Henri-Dunant-Strasse and Pegnitz."


The new building for the Heinrich-Schliemann-Gymnasium has an outstanding location. On the one hand, it is located at the edge of the old town and on the other hand, it is embedded in the natural landscape of the Pegnitz. The school campus picks up the cubature of the Wolfsgrubermühle and the neighboring buildings north of Henry-Dunant-Strasse, which lie as compact, free-standing volumes in front of the smaller old town structure. With its three main buildings on the connecting platform, it forms the missing link between the morphology of the old town and the landscape. The created central campus square on the level of Henry-Dunant-Strasse is on the one hand connected to the urban space and on the other hand offers a view of the surrounding landscape. Due to its orientation, the natural space flows around the ensemble and the educational areas of the school interact constantly with the surrounding landscape. The school reacted particularly sensitively to the existing natural space. The buildings fit in between the trees on the banks of the river. In this way, the three trees classified as particularly worthy of protection were preserved as an irreplaceable quality of the site.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Fürth, Germany


Competition _ 2019

Data on construction

Cubature _ 67.968 m³
Gross floor area _ ca. 14.693 m²
Usable area _ ca. 12.242 m²


City of Fürth - Building Management Fürth (GWF)

Landscape architecture

grabner huber lipp landscape architects and urban planners partnership mbb, Freising


Riegler Riewe Architekten