NEWS | 16. OCTOBER 2019

Recognition for Tegetthoff Bridge in Graz

The decision in the competition for the new construction of the Tegetthoff Bridge in Graz has been made. Our contribution in cooperation with Schlaich Bergermann Partner Engineers was awarded with a recognition.

"Through the almost spectacularly appearing construction, the bridge itself becomes an unmistakable place, an orientation and identification element in the city; like no other competition entry, it rejects the idea of a functional building that subordinates itself in terms of design. The static principle of this unusual design with a span of 63.9 m and a width of 23.8 m is the so-called "Langer's beam" - a bridge with arches anchored in itself and suspended road beam. This construction method leads to very economical static heights of the carriageway girders. With a height of more than 23 m, the resulting arch shape permits extremely slender cross-sections in the supporting arches, which is impressively demonstrated by the present design." Quote from the jury evaluation