Graz . 2004

Penthouse T

City and living

New construction
Penthouse T

New construction
Penthouse T

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The top vacant floor of a mixed-use new building close to the centre forms the basis for a reinterpretation of this space that, observing maximum clarity, permits a plethora of scenarios for use. The base area of the penthouse is divided lengthwise into three parallel zones that can be flexibly connected or divided off with the aid of sliding doors. The retreat and rest areas are situated on either side of the entrance on the west side, the open living room with kitchen and library on the east, with an end-to-end infrastructure and service zone with storage rooms as an ordering element in between. The outer layer, that opens out on both long sides onto the wooden terraces with floor-to-ceiling glazing and sliding doors allows maximum permeability between inside and out. On the east side, lightweight steel stairs corresponding to the offset in the façade lead up to roof level that – with end-to-end larch planks, pool, shady roof, and four leafy areas – once again emphasises that stimulating ambiguity of an open-plan living area that forms the central theme of the overall design.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Graz, Austria


Planning _ 2003
Completion _ 2003 - 2004

Data on construction

Net floor area _ 153 m²




Paul Ott