Graz . 1992

Residential development
Casa Nostra

City and living

New construction
Residential building Casa Nostra

New construction
Residential building Casa Nostra

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In what is a neither distinctly urban, nor rural setting, a development concept was devised that was based on the specific topography and the individual needs of the members of the “Casa Nostra” residents’ association. Like little scattered building blocks, the eleven detached houses line the steep slope falling away to the south-east, their serried ranks creating an atmosphere reminiscent of Mediterranean architecture. By concentrating the development in the upper area of the site, where the car park was also inserted, it was possible to create sufficient free space for general use on the narrow plot – playground, sunbathing lawn – with the nesting of the separate dwelling units creating intimate spatial situations. The horizontal and vertical graduation of the buildings, with a tight-knit inlaid network of paths with two little squares, gives rise to constant changes in the perception of space. All buildings were designed so that all residents have an unobstructed view of the surroundings. Important for the overall impression is the fine colour balance based on various shades of grey, blue and green and use of pure materials.


(Text: Arno Ritter)

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Graz, Austria


Competition _ 1988 – 1st prize
Planning _ 1988
Completion _ 1991 - 1992

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 1.730 m²
Net floor area _ 1.290 m²
Capacity _ 12 dwellings


IG Casa Nostra


Paul Ott