Klagenfurt . 2017

Residential solitaire
Wohnen am Ring in Klagenfurt

City and living

Architectural concept
Residential building Klagenfurt

Architectural concept
Residential building Klagenfurt

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The design reacts to the heterogeneous urban setting of the site, to the characteristic stand of trees, and to the typology of the existing villa with a solitary structure that echoes the villa’s important axis of viewing towards the south east. The solitary development is structurally “split up” so as to create small-scale road spaces and a little courtyard whose liveliness is emphasised by connecting bridges and offset storeys. The structural configuration of the buildings, that needs only two vertical circulation cores with stairs and a lift, enables maximum flexibility in terms of apartment configuration and seamless integration of the existing trees. All flats face south, west and east, the exterior corridors can be used as playing areas with a high level of amenity quality and for various other purposes. With open-plan studio kitchens, minimised circulation areas, and generous balconies, terraces or gardens, the flats offer the comfort expected of urban life in green surroundings. Two free-form penthouses with open-plan layout and panorama view top off the development.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Klagenfurt, Austria


Competition _ 2017 – 2nd prize

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 6.500 m²
Capacity _ 38 Apartments


Viktringer Ring 21 Errichtungs GmbH


VIZE s.r.o., Prague