Linz . 2011

Residential complex
Grüne Mitte Linz

City and living

Urban planning concept
Grüne Mitte Linz

Urban planning concept
Grüne Mitte Linz

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Based on the urban development master plan for Linz rail freight terminal, a solution was proposed which draws its architectural quality from the reinterpretation for an urban residential floor plan. The overall ensemble consists of three hook-shaped buildings interconnected by a continuous open exterior corridor, balconies and terraces and the curtain wall. Creating a multilayered structure, balconies, terraces, exterior corridors, and the leafy roof surfaces accessed from points along the exterior corridors constitute a permeable membrane.


The inner division of the buildings follows a consistent reduction. The total of eighty-seven flats result from adding two lines of equally sized rooms that can be variably combined. The complete lack of internal circulation enables a maximum of floor plan flexibility and efficiency. The terraces can also be flexibly combined with the living areas. Thanks to the curtain wall with its brise-soleil structure, this creates a multifunctional space with many links to the inside and out. Within are classical sequences of rooms with central double doors as room dividers.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Linz, Austria


Competition _ 2011 – 3rd prize

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 9.000 m²
Capacity _ 87 Apartments


LAWOG Gemeinnützige Landeswohnungsgenossenschaft für Oberösterreich