Munich . 2010

Olympic and Media Village

City and living

Urban planning and landscape concept
Olympic Village and Media Village Munich

Urban planning and landscape concept
Olympic Village and Media Village Munich

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As part of Munich’s Olympics bid, the aim was to conceive an athletes and media village that would subsequently be transformed into a residential development with a high level of indoor and outdoor quality. The handling of the landscape is a central point of reference for the urban development concept. The aim is to find a – formally independent – connection to the existing Olympiapark so as to link the new Olympic facilities to the existing ones and to generate a larger overall atmosphere with an open, free, dynamic, light-footed appearance. The various functions and uses are assigned appropriate areas that create recognisable places with significant identity. The underlying idea throughout is not the traditional European city with its blocks, but rather the landscaped park with architectural elements. The overall site is covered by a slightly modulated topography with a cellular network of paths providing access to generous areas for future use as open space. The design of the Olympic and Media Village is distinctive and reserved in equal measure. Although possessed of unique features, it is not showy. It appears both perfectly natural and special. Themes of sustainability and energy efficiency are not importunate; they are already integral parts of the project as state of the art.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Munich, Germany


Competition _ 2010 – 2nd prize

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 275.000 m²
Planning area _ ca. 12 ha


State capital Munich / the Free State of Bavaria

In collaboration with

schneider+schumacher, Frankfurt / Vienna