Rostock . 2016

new wharf triangle

City and living

Urban planning and landscape concept
New wharf triangle Rostock

Urban planning and landscape concept
New wharf triangle Rostock

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The plan area on the site of the former Neptun Wharf marks a crossing point of various urban structures and uses. In the south and west are residential areas of varying types, and the heterogeneous commercial area to the north has also seen added residential developments in recent years. The potential of enhancing the areas close to the water in terms of urban development is already becoming evident. The new development, that echoes the network of streets and paths at right angles to the Unterwarnow estuary, interprets the block structure of the surrounding residential development as block perimeters punctuated at certain points. This structure is accentuated by a number of high points, whose granularity alludes to the existing large-scale industrial development. Towards the edges, the plan formulates precise spatial edges, thus creating an effective noise barrier. The height development of the four-storey blocks and the seven-storey high points and multi-storey car parks follows the existing system. The eastern tip of the competition area is emphasised by another high point, a four-storey front building serving as an entrance area. The new district offers a wide range of urban residential typologies: 2–4 units of varying size per floor in the blocks, smaller typologies for student and senior dwellings and larger family flats in the high points. The flats facing the streets are front-to-back, with the one-sided 3–4 units per floor being situated along the private roads and towards the district park. Thanks to the distinctive stand of trees and after restoring the former Kayenmühlen canal, the result will be a free coherent public space at the heart of the wharf triangle. The prevailing type inside the residential developments is the “green courtyard” for communal use.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Rostock, Germany


Competition _ 2016 – 2nd prize

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 70.000 m²
Planning area _ ca. 9,7 ha


WIRO Wohnen in Rostock Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH