Mautern . 1991

Residential development_

City and living

New construction
Residential building Mautern

New construction
Residential building Mautern

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Mautern is a typically Alpine locality at the foot of the Eisenerz Alps. With a landscape that can be both appealing or marked by a certain barrenness or melancholy depending on the season, the architecture is dominated by rural normality. The development is conceived as the structural end-point of a side valley that rises from the centre of the village. At the same time, the volumes drive an architectural wedge into the landscape and thus accentuate a boundary situation and an intersection between two areas. Approaching the place, the tower building at the end is a clear marker indicating the beginning of the site almost in the manner of a railway buffer. In the dramaturgy of the development, the architecture creates a series of breaks, thus distinguishing between beginning and end, nature and culture, landscape and village.


(Text von Arno Ritter)

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Mautern, Austria


Competition _ 1988 – 1st prize
Planning _ 1988
Completion _ 1990 - 1991

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 664 m²
Net floor area _ 504 m²
Capacity _ 6 Apartments


SGD-Siedlungsgenossenschaft Donawitz