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City and living

Urban planning and landscape concept
Residential quarter Munich Perlach

Urban planning and landscape concept
Residential quarter Munich Perlach

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A new residential area is being built in Munich-Perlach on the site of a former gravel pit between Karl-Marx-Ring and Friedrich-Creuzer-Straße. The thirteen-hectare site is a residential development with approximately 1300 flats and the necessary social facilities, with three day nurseries, a shop, a café and other commercial and social facilities, along with spacious green and open spaces. The new building structure interfaces the open building style in Truderinger Forst to the north and the formative large entities of Neuperlach to the south. Coming from the north, an initial line of development with town houses complements the logic of the existing small-scale development, that becomes increasingly dense towards the south and ends in a compact block structure. The blocks open onto the free spaces and afford views of the landscape and the district park, thus enabling pedestrian movement across the site. At the same time, they form clear edges towards the street in terms of town planning.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Munich, Germany


Competition _ 2015 – 1. Preis
Planning _ 2015 - 2017

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 180.000 m²
Net floor area _ 120.000 m²
Capacity _ ca. 1.300 Apartments
Site area _ ca. 13 ha


BÜSCHL Unternehmensgruppe / Park Immobilien Projektentwicklung- und Planung-GmbH / DEMOS Wohnbau GmbH

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Landscape architecture

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