Junggyebon-dong . 2018

Junggyebon-dong Housing

City and living

Redevelopment & Maintenance Zone
Junggyebon-dong Housing

Redevelopment & Maintenance Zone
Junggyebon-dong Housing

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The project site will be substantially redeveloped which on the one hand asks for contextualizing the topics of memory and harmony and on the other hand developing and structuring the new urban tissue in an way that densification, nature, microclimate as well as harmony and memory can play their individual roles and at the same time be important mosaic stones in creating a new neighbourhood. The point-densification enables the landscape to become a continuous and combining element on the one hand and on the other hand the point-densifications lead to notable potentialities of spaces for communication between the blocks where most of the additional functions have been situated. The major development was placed by us in the valleys, like big stones in a river. After positioning them and defining their footprint, 8 design rules were developed which were alike for every block and were a guideline for all six teams invited by us as well as for ourselves. Due to the very specific situation regarding location and topography, the housing bars in the transitional zone were developed by taking only three rules from the blocks in the valleys. Herewith all blocks display an individual site specific interpretation and fit into a harmonious whole at the same time. Every one of them has a high potential of generating identification herewith giving each of the future inhabitants a home of their own, a home they can identify themselves with.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Junggyebon-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul


Competition _ 2018

Data on construction

Site area _ 186.965 m²


Seoul Housing

In collaboration with

LIN Architects | Urbanists, Berlin Germany
KYWC Architects, Seoul South Korea
SADAR+VUGA, Ljubljana Slovenia
Brandlhuber+ Architects and Urban Planers, Berlin Germany
Siaplan, Seoul South Korea
Francisco Mangado Architect, Pamplona Spain


VIZE s.r.o., Riegler Riewe Architects