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Educational Campus_
Muthgasse Vienna

Culture and education

New construction
Educational Campus Muthgasse, Vienna

New construction
Educational Campus Muthgasse, Vienna

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To create a central area of transformation north and south of the Gunoldstraße, a lively urban quarter in the form of an education campus that can serve many purposes will be built in several phases. The building development considers the high degree of utilization and traffic by people entering the campus from all directions, keeping in mind the fact that the planning area is located between the planned S53 and pedestrian routes to the Heiligenstadt train station on the eastern side and the conditions imposed by the existing neighboring BOKU buildings on the northern and western sides. At the same time, efforts are made to give the campus a distinct identity. The staggered arrangement of the hook-shaped and cuboid structures was designed in response to the wind conditions particular to the terrain and, in terms of urban space, to enable the creation of small public spaces that are protected from the wind. The pronounced differences in the levels of terrain in the east-west direction produce an active inner topography, so that the main entrances to the individual units are set at different heights or connected to several exterior levels. This unique topographical feature allows the entrance hall of building lot 1 to be shaped in an impressive way by creating a transverse, two-storey foyer with extensive airspace. The important public facilities such as the library, cafeteria and auditorium are adjacent to that foyer, and access is provided from here to the gymnasiums, hotel and teaching kitchens. The building façades should express how open the individual houses are to members of the public. The open glazing used in the entrance areas creates a multifaceted network of relationships with the respective forecourts. The façades next to and above these areas are given a nuanced appearance by adding a layer of Fiber-C cladding profiles with various grid densities and profile thicknesses which differ according to their use and characteristics, such as whether they offer protection from sunlight or fire.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Vienna, Austria


Competition _ 2016 – 1st prize
Planning started _ 2016
Completion _ 2019 - 2022

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 53.238 m²
Usable Area _ 29.623 m²




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