Vienna . 2016

Education Campus_
Aaron Menczer

Culture and education

New construction
Education Campus Aaron Menczer, Vienna

New construction
Education Campus Aaron Menczer, Vienna

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The Aron Menczer Educational Campus, located in the heterogeneous and rapidly-changing Aspanggründe district, will be constructed consequentially as a solitary building, a quad that seemingly lacks any clear direction, but which has the potential to form a wide variety of relationships with the existing and future neighboring structures. The main entrance of this solitary building faces the Otto Preminger Strasse so that the campus can be designed as efficiently as possible and the school garden can be given the maximum amount of space. The school garden and the embedded hardcourt can adjoin with the adjacent Leon Zelman Park to form a large-scale park. The spiral pedestrian and bicyclist ramp, which is suspended from a steel pylon, serves as prominent sculptural landmark in the school garden. The centrally-located rotunda, which is flooded with light and connects all levels via an encircling ramp, forms the heart of the educational campus. This rotunda simultaneously serves as a space for development and communication. The floors are organized like a small town in that they consist of voids and solids, streets, alleyways, squares and buildings that form a varied landscape of clearly defined spaces that can be used for various purposes. The rooftop, which is also accessible to all the school children, has been designed as a school garden. From here, you can enjoy the view over Vienna while being protected from the wind.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Vienna, Austria


Competition _ 2016

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 23.051 m²
Net floor area _ 19.510 m²


The City of Vienna