Berlin . 2016

School building_
OSZ Sozialwesen / Anna-Freud-School

Culture and education

New construction
OSZ Sozialwesen / Anna-Freud-School

New construction
OSZ Sozialwesen / Anna-Freud-School

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Careful urban planning of the new construction of the Anna-Freud-Schule (grammar school), which includes a three-section gymnasium, outdoor sports facilities and open spaces, strengthens the existing network of routes in the residential area. In the extension, the crossing street creates a space along the pedestrian and bicycle path leading eastward, forms the school entrance to the west, shapes the student area to the east, and includes the school foyer in the area between. A space on the ground floor connects the highly-frequented areas of use and, like an agora, represents school’s central meeting and event location. The foyer includes a student break area and a cafeteria and serves as the entryway to other parts of the school. It is possible to experience the entire vertical view of the 4-storey building: both the view down into the gymnasium, which forms the heart of the school due to its central location, and the view up into the foyer hall can be experienced. The clustered nature of the structure allows the partial expansion of the corridors to form study and recreational zones. The orientation and attributes of the sports facilities match the building geometry, and an additional outdoor recreational area is planned on the roof of the sports hall. The compact structure is impressive in that it is energy-efficient, spacious and contains short path distances. Prefabricated and semi-prefabricated parts and highly-efficient TGA planning were used save resources, underlining the cost-effective concept of the design. The building structure is a reinforced concrete skeleton (external dimensions about 75 m x 65 m), and it is reinforced by its massive building cores and walls. The ceilings of each floor are flat to allow the maximum flexibility of movement with the space. The outer wall structure, which employs Vierendeel trusses, allows the windows to be arranged in variable ways on each of the floors. The façade consists of prefabricated concrete elements that are surfaced with white, roughly-granular marble. Behind this façade, the blinds to protect against sunlight and reflected light are barely visible when raised, as are the air supply and exhaust ducts that provide the decentralized ventilation of the classrooms.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Berlin, Germany


Competition _ 2016

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 18.600 m²
Net floor area _ 11.690 m²


Land Berlin

Landscape architecture

lad+ Landschaftsarchitektur Diekmann