Munich . 2012

School building_
Secondary School Munich North

Culture and education

New construction
Secondary School Munich North

New construction
Secondary School Munich North

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In a non-differentiated, solidly greened area with neighboring industrial and residential buildings, a quasi-urban space was created by sinking the per se, non-spatial sports grounds by one level. The main entry, indoor sports halls, aula, library, and cafeteria are also at this level. A “rural seam” surrounds the complex, which as free-standing and likewise reserved volumes, adapts to the building height of the surroundings. The entire courtyard is furnished with a red colored tartan for track and fields and thus forms a uniform area for sports and breaks. The upper stories with the classroom wings are made up of a lattice system spanning two axes that entirely covers the three gyms in the basement. Air spaces between the third and fourth stories create possibilities for communication and support natural ventilation. Two atria likewise supply ventilation and also provide the classrooms with daylight. A simultaneously homogenous and dynamic image emerges on the façade through the three types of profile glass elements, whereby the alignment of opaque and translucent elements refers to the utilization behind.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Munich, Germany


Competition _ 2012

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 18.700 m²
Usable Area _ 10.000 m²


City of Munich, represented by the Building Department

Landscape architecture

lad+ Landschaftsarchitektur Diekmann, Hannover