Gdansk . 2010

Museum building_
Museum of the 2nd World War

Culture and education

New construction
Museum of the 2nd World War

New construction
Museum of the 2nd World War

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Located near the city center, the monolithic volume reacts to the urban parameters: its cubature corresponds with the harbor’s development and defines the border to the historical center, while at the same time, a public pathway through the museum grounds ties together two city districts. The, in principle, two-story structure, whose striking peak is a nine-story hotel at the southern tip, fills the entire property. Two large inner courtyards serve equally as exhibition areas and public squares. Between the courtyards is the entry foyer, which means that the museum can be accessed from two sides, and the foyer can be utilized for a variety of configurations. Exhibition halls, restaurant, cinema, library, conference area, museum shop, and café with direct connection to the hotel are all accessible from the foyer. The three halls for the permanent exhibition are on the ground floor, connected in such a way that spatial contexts and layouts can be varied. Twenty-five meter tall, glass-roofed extensions in the development zone between the exhibition halls lend them rhythm and are sites for rest and relaxation.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Gdansk, Poland


Competition _ 2010

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 34.156 m²
Usable Area _ 16.332 m²


Muzeum II Wojny Światowej, Gdańsk