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Educational building_
Education and Integration Center Buch

Culture and education

New construction
Education and Integration Center Buch (BIZ) in Berlin Pankow

New construction
Education and Integration Center Buch (BIZ) in Berlin Pankow

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The Buch education center is to become a role model for sustainability. The basis of our design attitude is the implementation of the circular economy (cradle to cradle principle) in design and realization, as a waste-free economy with regard to recyclability. Furthermore, this draft is designed in such a way that a DGNB certification with highest distinction seems possible.

We do not have an energy problem, we have an emission problem! Sustainability does not only begin with the operation of a building. As much as 55% of the energy used in the life cycle of a building is already used in its manufacture and construction. This far exceeds factors such as operating costs or disposal. Therefore, the design already starts here with a reduction of the material input (CO2 reduction). The wide-span ceilings to be used are designed as thin filigree ceilings with - due to the small center distance - slim beams. All in all, this design significantly reduces the amount of material used in the reinforced concrete compared to flat slabs or beam ceilings with a larger center distance.

The chosen constructive system is extremely open to use and does not have to be substantially rebuilt or even torn down and rebuilt in case of upcoming changes of use, which guarantees significant energy savings over generations.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Berlin Pankow, Germany


Competition _ 2019 - 2nd prize

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ ca. 5.444 m²
Usable Area _ ca. 3.300 m²
Open area _ ca. 6.000 m²


District Office Pankow of Berlin - Dept. School, Sports, Facility Management and Health

Landscape architecture

Mettler Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin


VIZE s.r.o., Riegler Riewe Architekten