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Conversion and renovation
Archive of the Avantgarde in the Blockhaus Dresden

Conversion and renovation
Archive of the Avantgarde in the Blockhaus Dresden

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The one plan to build the log house never existed. The unfinished structure, located at an important urbanistic point of view and junction in Dresden, was redesigned several times before its completion, stood for a long time as a provisional solution and from then on was rebuilt and extended under several changes of use. Only the axes of the building have always remained the same. With the oldest and original ground plan from 1731, the building was divided into five by five axes. Over time, it developed over five floors. 5x5x5 is the three-dimensional axial grid on which the previous transformations of the building were based and on which the present design is also being developed.

Building on as a concept
In order not to leave the protected existing facades standing unconnected in front of a new building, in a first step each of the 125 (5x5x5) rooms created according to the axial grid was "filled". In a second step, rooms were then "taken out" again so that a positive and a negative volume of space was created in the building. The building is continued and transformed based on its axes.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Dresden, Germany


Competition _ 2018 - Recognition

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 4.510 m²


State enterprise Saxon real estate and construction management SIB - branch office Dresden I


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