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New construction
TechnoTop Salzburg

New construction
TechnoTop Salzburg

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The juxtaposition of courtyard floor plans in combination with a central access axis allows flexible spaces for office or educational facilities. The existing building is characterized by the special character of the workplaces and common areas. The introverted working atmosphere with the line of sight from each office, across the courtyard to the other workplaces leads on the one hand to the best conditions regarding concentration and on the other hand at the same time to communication within the differently sized buildings. With the redensification, it should be possible to maintain these qualities and to continue building.

Building on" is not intended to be a catchphrase; rather, the principle is to be applied in the literal sense. This means that the basic structure in terms of access and arrangement of the office spaces in the form of cluster-like building units, where the rooms are grouped around the courtyards, from where they also primarily draw their light and are characterized and shaped by a stimulating line of sight across the courtyard, is not to be called into question with the addition of the storey. With the installation of a load-bearing secondary level above the existing ceiling, a platform can be erected that makes it possible to place a slightly recessed, ring-shaped structure in lightweight construction on top of the respective top floor. By moving it back, the existing light incidence in the courtyard is only insignificantly affected. The addition to Building 10 is also based on the principle of the existing building. Here, the introverted character of the courtyard buildings is reversed. The offices are located directly on the glazed outer façade and thus represent communication with the outside. The cluster-like arrangement allows for separate rental units according to building components. These function as a larger group as well as smaller units.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Salzburg, Austria


Competition _ 2018 - 1. prize
Planning start _ 2019

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 10,202 m²
Gross floor area _ New building Techno Head 6,103 m²
Gross floor area _ Techno Top 4,099 m²
Usable Area _ 7,125 m²
Planning area _ approx. 9712 m²


Techno-Z Salzburger Technologiezentrum GmbH


Riegler Riewe Architekten