Salzburg . 2016

Childhood Psychiatry_
Christian Doppler Klinik

Health, research and administration

New construction
University Hospital for Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatry, Salzburg

New construction
University Hospital for Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatry, Salzburg

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The level, partially two-storey building represents the endpoint of the central development axis of Christian Doppler Klinik campus and the formerly-lacking link to the clinic's adjacent sports and recreational spaces. The existing, loosely-structured population of trees will be supplemented and complemented by shrub and perennial plants that will form a backdrop for the landscape. The building volume and depth were designed with a central focus on optimally channelling the natural light. In addition, to maximize the amount of light admitted to the building, the façade was largely fitted with alternating transparent and translucent elements. As a result, the building appears to be open and permeable from the outside, and this impression is heightened by the horizontal, exposed concrete ceilings, the frontal overhang of the first floor and the projections and recesses of the translucent niches in the group rooms, which at the same time create numerous places of refuge. The glass surfaces on the facade are hardened, coloured white and screen-printed on their inner surfaces. The central area has a reception area and care unit. To enter this area, one passes through a two-storey forum with a glass roof and, subsequently, an atrium that serves as a public space for those of the care unit. The five group areas are arranged around this core area, and each is equipped with a loggia that provides access to the public outdoor spaces.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Salzburg, Austria


Competition _ 2016

Data on construction

Site area _ 5.500 m²
Net floor area _ 2.038 m²


Salzburger Landeskliniken BetriebsGesmbH (SALK), Salzburg

In collaboration with

HDR TMK Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Munich

Landscape architecture

Keller Damm Roser Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner GmbH, Munich