Munich . 2015

Children's hospital
Parent-Child House Neues Hauner

Health, research and administration

New construction
Parent-Child House on the Großhadern Campus, Munich

New construction
Parent-Child House on the Großhadern Campus, Munich

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As a starting point for the urban development, the plans include the patient’s garden with its valuable collection of trees as much as possible as well as optimally integrate the Parent-Child House into the existing campus infrastructure. The extensive building complex, which is 4-storeys tall at its highest points, is reduced step-wise down to a single storey to the west and connected with the natural surrounding environment with the deep cuts and courtyards on all sides. The main circulation route is located on the southeastern flank of the building, which is pleasantly modern and appropriate for the pedestrian traffic. The design is characterized by the compact arrangement of the functional areas along the main route, which helps people find their way in the building and keeps the distances between areas both efficient and short. The areas that receive heavy patient and visitor traffic, such as the outpatient clinic, emergency room, radiology department and day hospital are found on the ground floor. The areas with large amounts of equipment, such as the surgical department, intensive care, delivery and neonatology areas will be located on the 1st floor, while the patient care and research areas will be located on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Upon entering the building, one first passes through the spacious entrance area that encompasses the public café and courtyard, which is flooded with light. However, the close relationship between the hospital environment and nature is visible in the more intimate areas of the Parent-Child House and the patient rooms, creating a pleasant, homely atmosphere.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Munich, Germany


Competition _ 2015 – 3rd prize

Data on construction

Planning area _ 26.200 m²
Net floor area _ 21.383 m²
Capacity _ 68.000 Patients per year


Free State of Bavaria represented by the Munich 2 State Construction Office

In collaboration with

HDR TMK Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Munich

Landscape architecture

Atelier Auböck + Kárász, Vienna


VIZE s.r.o., Prague