Hamburg . 2014

Office building_
Beiersdorf AG

Health, research and administration

New construction
Beiersdorf campus

New construction
Beiersdorf campus

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The main building is approximately 140 m long and extends across the Beiersdorf campus from north to south, from the urban vehicular access to the southern park. Due to its stacked composition, the three main functions of the new building are clearly visible from the exterior. The “mall” and the “shared table” of the staff restaurant extend along the entire length of the transparent ground floor. The V-shaped columns, which provide structure along the sides and accentuate the longitudinal direction of the building on the ground floor, particularly emphasise this area. The conference level is supported by the V-shaped columns. This level is given the appearance of a single, compact entity by the presence of a homogeneous, finely-perforated façade and accentuates the stable, underlying shape of the rectangular block. The sheltered conference area has been designed to encompass the two courtyards and the reception area, which is spanned by a luminous ceiling. The office floors are stacked on this common base and, in part, jut out from the building contour due to their volumetric characteristics, giving the building the appearance of a free-standing, cubic maze. Two independent structures are stacked on the front sides of the building at 26 and 19 m, respectively, up to the center of the construction area, until they visibly oppose each other in two rectangular towers of 43 and 36 m. Their tops are twisted 90 degrees relative to one another and, in this way, mark the transverse and longitudinal axes of the area. The façade material – COR-TEN steel – highlights the significance of the new main building but, nevertheless, fits well into the brick-colored surroundings.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Hamburg, Germany


Competition _ 2014

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 114.985 m²
Net floor area _ 110.026 m²


Beiersdorf AG, Corporate Real Estate Management, Hamburg

In collaboration with

ASTOC Architects and Planners, Cologne

Landscape architecture

Atelier Loidl GbR, Berlin