Seoul . 2015

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TPS Company Building

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New construction
TPS Company Building, Paju Book City Korea

New construction
TPS Company Building, Paju Book City Korea

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Paju Book City I was built as a model settlement in terms of urban design configurations and architectural quality, primarily for companies in the publishing industry, and is located about 30 kilometers north of Seoul. In light of the success of Paju Book City I, Paju Book City II is being developed using an adapted urban design concept as an extension of Paju Book City I. Paju Book City II is not reserved for the use of those in the publishing industry, but should serve as a public media location.


The master plan of the Paju Book City includes a range of topographical and infrastructure elements (watercourses, arterial roads, footpaths, green spaces, urban axes, etc.) that define the urban landscape of the city.


A building has been developed for the TPS Company, a company involved in film production that is considered to be an "independent unit", meaning that it can be designed without conforming exactly to the master plan. Two 3-storey, corresponding buildings offer space that can be used for different purposes to varying degrees. Two main scenarios – the production times and the phases in between – define the agenda: the TPS building represents a hybrid of sorts, in which nearly all areas can be assigned different uses. For this reason, the cafeteria on the ground floor can also be an open-plan office, and the underground garage, which is flooded with daylight, can be used as a workspace for the respective film productions, if necessary. In the same way, the roof terrace can provide space for temporary accommodation for employees, depending on the work phase. At the same time, the building should serve as a location in which communication and exchange within the immediate area takes place.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Seoul, South Korea


Direct commission _ 2015
Planning _ 2015

Data on construction

Site area _ 688,4 m²
Gross floor area _ 1.376,8 m²

In collaboration with

KYWC Architects, Seoul