Innsbruck . 2008

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New construction
Office Terminal Innsbruck

New construction
Office Terminal Innsbruck

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Following the reconstruction of the Innsbruck railway station, the development of the Südtiroler Platz in front of the station was continued with the construction of a hotel and completed with the construction of the Office Terminal. The slender structure continues the line of the station building, matches the height of the hotel and features a broad, covered sidewalk roofing that extends the entire length of the building. On its southern face, the light-flooded building ends along a line that it shares with the hotel. The supporting structure consists of reinforced concrete, with point-supported flat slabs on columns that stand on foundation plates with localized punctiform or linear depressions, which are located on the lower floors. The façade is a suspended wood / glass construction, which has been designed as a post-and-beam façade on the ground floor and as an element construction on the upper floors. The building ensemble of the distinctly urban square shares a common "language", but the articulation of each individual building – for example, in the nuanced differences among the facades – their specific statements can be clearly perceived.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Innsbruck, Austria


Direct commission _ 2004
Planning _ 2006 - 2007
Completion _ 2007 - 2008

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 6.719 m²
Net floor area _ 5.969 m²


Raiffeisen Bau Tirol

In collaboration with

ARGE mit Manzl.Ritsch.Sandner Architekten, Innsbruck


Paul Ott