Zurich . 2013

High-Rise building_
Zurich Oerlikon

Health, research and administration

New construction
High-Rise building Zurich Oerlikon

New construction
High-Rise building Zurich Oerlikon

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The building is located as a self-confident, free-standing structure at the level of Andreasstrasse, and zones the surrounding space, creating use areas with different leisure qualities and publics. The external appearance aims at lending the high rise a sculptural impression that fosters identity and reacts directly to the heterogenic environment, displaying a clear orientation with a distinct “peak” toward the track area located to the west. The shell is composed of folded metal sheet panels, whereby every second façade profile is formed as a pillar, enabling maximum flexibility in the ground plan design. The vertical window shingling with a planning grid of 1.35 meters, lends the building a prismatic character and a precise plasticity, which is further intensified by the shadow effect. In addition, the concave and convex façade development creates complex reflections causing the volume to appear smaller. The maximum possible height of eighty meters is achieved so that together with the neighboring buildings, the Swissôtel and CS-Tower, which in consideration of the topography are the same height, an ensemble with a calm skyline emerges.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Zurich, Switzerland


Competition _ 2013 – 2nd prize

Data on construction

Usable area _ 17.000 m²


Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB

In collaboration with

schneider+schumacher Planungsgesellschaft, Frankfurt a.M.
GKS Architekten+Partner AG, Lucerne