Innsbruck . 2005

main railway station_
ÖBB Innsbruck


New construction
Innsbruck main railway station

New construction
Innsbruck main railway station

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The new Innsbruck main railway station building is part of an Austria-wide campaign launched by the ÖBB (Austrian Railways) that sets out to modernise forty-three railway stations in Austria. The striking feature of Innsbruck station is its elongated form, interrupted at right angles by the railway tracks. Although trains within the city run mostly on viaducts above street level, the station itself is a tangible barrier athwart the valley. The design responded to this urban situation, that is further aggravated by the narrow, elongated station forecourt, with a low, very long structure with a permeable, regular grid-structured façade that, similar to the old building, is situated on the eastern side of the site, albeit set six metres further back. This takes it out of the line of the street, where it can assert its position as a freed-up solitary building in Südtiroler Platz. All key functions including travel centre, waiting areas and retail areas were located in the central, sunken part of the concourse. This allows direct access to the concourse from the underground car park and on to the trains, creating an unobstructed view of the platforms from the city and vice versa. With untangled procedures from arrival in Südtiroler Platz to departure, combined with the clearly laid out paths and framed by the formal leitmotif of the red surfaces of the square and building, the result is a legible, permeable structure of high functionality. The rationality of this concept is tempered by the blurring of scale on the façades, the result of a seamless replication of perforated façade-like structures that, with no apparent reference to the interior situation, create a highly sequential, almost dematerialised overall impression.


(Text: Eva Guttmann, abbreviated and edited by gk)

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Innsbruck, Austria


Competition _ 1999 – 1st prize
Planning _ 2001 - 2005
Completion _ 2001 - 2005

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 18.200 m²
Net floor area _ 17.470 m²


Austrian Federal Railways