Kigali . 2017

Bugesera International Airport


New construction
Bugesera International Airport


New construction
Bugesera International Airport


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Conceptionally, the design for the new Bugesera International Airport that replaces the airport in Kigali which had become too small is an ecologically sophisticated (low-energy house concept) structure that respects the context, responding thoughtfully to local conditions and material traditions. In view of the expected increase in flight capacities, the “Ultimate Vision” is based on a stage-by-stage realisation of twenty buildings over a period of twenty-five years. Based upon international quality standards, planning of the airport follows the forecast development of international and regional air traffic and is at all times regarded as a whole system despite the sequential implementation. A basic module measuring 1.35 x 1.35 metres forms the structural basis of all buildings – from the structural system and façade concept to interior work. The resulting variability enables efficient modification of the passenger terminal and other structures to cater for changing conditions in terms of capacity and use. All sunshading elements are positioned on the buildings’ outer layer, the façade of the amply daylit passenger terminal is additionally shaded by an expansive canopy. Special attention is devoted to integrating local materials and techniques: along with in situ concrete, glass and steel, the aim was also to use brick, terracotta and straw mats wherever possible.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Kigali, Rwanda


Direct commission _ 2017
Planning started _ 2017

Data on construction

Gross floor area _ 93.250 m²
Site area _ ca. 2.85 ha


Mota Engil Africa

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