Graz . 2003

Travel Centre
ÖBB Graz


Corporate interior
ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) Travel Center

Corporate interior
ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) Travel Center

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In the sense of a corporate product, Austrian railway stations were and are being equipped with new travel centres. While the travel centres vary in size depending on the particular category of station, the furnishing, finishes, materials and colours are always the same.


The focus is on passenger wayfinding and on guiding information, the design is therefore characterised by purpose-driven reserve. The design follows the premise of creating a holistic impression of space and visual clarity – the architecture stays in the background.


The surfaces of counters, wall unit, wall and support panelling consist throughout of Corian artificial stone in the uniform NCS S2005-G20Y hue. The seamless acoustic ceiling and the terrazzo floor have the same shade so as to create a homogeneous envelope to the space. The only objects within the space are the counters that, arranged along an axis, divide customer and staff areas and the glass elements recessed into the floor that form a subtle physical boundary between the counter groups.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Graz, Austria


Competition _ 2001 – 1st prize
Planning _ 2001
Completion _ 2002 - 2003

Data on construction

Net floor area _ 250 m²


Austrian Federal Railways, Vienna

Awards and prizes

Polydecor Design Award 2003


Paul Ott