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New construction
Graz Trade Fair Centre

New construction
Graz Trade Fair Centre

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The Graz Trade Fair Centre (Grazer Messe) site is situated at the intersection between the dense, urban residential area and the loose-knit, low development in the south that is interspersed with commercial uses. The Stadthalle (architect Klaus Kada) that opened in 2002, its distinctive roof protruding far into the road space, is a landmark building that plays an important role in the urban context. In order not to diminish its effect when viewed from the south, the new Hall A was not positioned parallel, but set back at an acute angle. The offset position of the two buildings not only creates additional value from the point of view of urban development, but also the possibility of generous access, loading and outdoor areas on the site. The functional structures inside the two-storey hall are layered along the long axis and assigned to the respective foyers that must be traversed when entering the completely open-plan halls. The hall has a double-layer envelope accommodating the technical infrastructure, escape stairs, and goods lifts in between the two layers. The load-bearing walls of reinforced concrete are covered with an outer layer of expanded mesh curtain elements. The monochrome homogeneous look of this shimmery matte jacket stands out distinctly from the façade of the Stadthalle.


(Text: Eva Guttmann, abbreviated and edited: Gabriele Kaiser)

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Graz, Austria


Competition _ 2003 – 1st prize
Planning started _ 2003
Completion _ 2006 - 2008

Data on construction

Cubature _ 338.000 m³
Site area _ 30.175 m²
Exhibition space _ 13.500 m²
Gross floor area _ 37.250 m²
Net floor area _ 34.300 m²


MCG Graz e.gen., Graz

Awards and prizes

Nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2009, ZT Award 2009, Best Architects
2010, Styrian architecture award 2008