Hamburg . 2014



New construction
Car park P1, Hamburg Airport

New construction
Car park P1, Hamburg Airport

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The “Kleine Mandel” (little almond) is a large car park for around 2,800 cars located at the entrance to the central area of the Hamburg airport terminal. Key design parameters included integration of the building into local structures, typological positioning, architectural formulation as a distinctive solitary building, and an ideal ratio of parking spaces to circulation area. The five-storey car park with six parking levels unpretentiously describes a rounded triangle with high recognition value that is carefully embedded in the surroundings. A permeable screen of horizontal concrete strips abstracts the scale. By means of recurring elements, the specific form of an equilateral triangle permitted efficient construction with comparably little space required for the necessary parking spaces. As a result, there was still room for a spacious courtyard ensuring adequate supply of fresh air and daylight, thus dispensing with the need for mechanical ventilation and minimising the use of artificial lighting, which in turn facilitates wayfinding inside the building.

Facts and Figures

Project Location

Hamburg, Germany


Competition _ 2011 – 1st prize
Planning started _ 2012
Completion _ 2013 - 2014

Data on construction

Planning area _ 3,5 ha
Cubature _ 220.000 m³
Gross floor area _ 76.000 m²
Net floor area _ 72.700 m²
Capacity _ 2.782 parking spaces

Awards and prizes

AIT Award 2016 – 3rd Prize / Best Architects 16


Ute Zscharnt, Michael Penner