Urban context

We prioritize a sustainable urban design with one of our main objectives being the development of livable cities which facilitate community and social responsibility.

Design principles

We regard buildings as sustainable when their lifespan is maximized. We therefore focus on the design of future-proof buildings with hybrid qualities which can adjust to changes of utilization.


The way we view and use resources is central to the global carbon footprint. While efficiency is the common first step, it is crucial to address sufficiency simultaneously in order to build sustainably.


While our designs incorporate state of the art technology, we also question the status quo and search for future technologies from low tech to high tech.


Reducing emissions by using energy from renewable sources, minimizing material use and operational energy while choosing products and components consciously are imperative to lowering our carbon footprint.

Life-long learning

By advancing our professional development and increasing interdisciplinary exchange, we position ourselves to not only broaden our own knowledge, but see it as our responsibility to disseminate gained knowledge and commit to raise environmental awareness.